On the way to Santiago de Compostella “le Pèlerin” is located at the foot of the Pyrenees. Our new domicile invites friends and relatives, to experience nature, art, culture and the “savoir vivre” with us.

In the seclusion of our guesthouse or roulotte (“Gypsy wagon”) you can enjoy the contemplative tranquility overlooking the majestic panorama of the Pyrenees, hiking in the nearby mountains (in winter skiing) or cycling, participating in masterclasses for flute – harpsichord playing, painting, or sculpture.

Under instruction of experts building a musical instrument yourself? Searching for traces of prehistoric, roman and romanesque monuments.

The late summer invites us to “wine growing culture” in the widest possible sense in our vineyard, where Merlot and Tempranillo is growing. The classic wines from the nearby Bordeaux, Gascony and Gers region temp to make a visiting and wine tasting tour.

Disiunctio coniugum – unity in diversity:

This motto is the basis of our hospitality which we want to share with our friends at various cultural levels.


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