The Haute – Garonne is adorned with many houses that have a beautiful timber frame construction: in French the so-called “Colombage”.

For us it was very quickly clear that, during the renovation of the original sheep barn, these arts and crafts should be applied as well. Our friend Manfred Christ was the appropriate architect, who „avec aspect typique patremonial pour la région ” succeeded in implementing our concepts and ideas in the building. After the good experience we had already made in the renewal of the roof of the main building with the Carpenter master Pierre Tournamorel, it was obvious, that he would win the contest for the order of making the “colombage” and the roof of the barn.

He was supported in the implementation of the plans by a colleague from Brittany, Monsieur Hervé. It was not only a great pleasure to watch the two “artisans” at work, but also to listen to them,…. like birds singing during springtime, market women selling their vegetable products or creditors in the pyramid building.

The final result is, with small deviations of the required constructional plans, an architecturally fine building which fits harmoniously well in the landscape, from now on baptized in French-called „Grange/Atelier“.