A couple of years ago, during the morning silence on a nice summer day, a horse with circus wagon passed by our house. Already from a far distance one could hear the regular clacking of the horse’s hooves. A young couple dressed in Gypsy clothes were seated on the staircase of their gypsy wagon, and stared over the back of their horse to the Pic du Midi de Bigorre at the horizon. Their colorful clothing blended harmoniously with the colors of their roulotte.

Such a vehicle could fit well in a corner of our compound and provide accommodation to our romantically inclined friends? The idea  of such a plan has been hustled on by the acquisition of 4 oak wood wheels, which formed the foundation of the construction of a roulotte named “Borêve“.

After a 3 years construction time our roulotte „Borêve“ was completed in 2017. It looks as if she finally found her old age residence after her last journey through the Pyrenees. Retired in a peaceful corner of our garden she invites you to meditate, observe the landscape and nature and combines the past and future into the present.